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Adoption criteria


•  We are happy to re-home anywhere in the UK.


•  We will speak to you as a family and check your suitability for the cat you have chosen.

•  Once we make contact with you about a foster cat, we will call you for a chat and then arrange for the whole family to come and meet the cat in its foster home.  We cannot hold any cat or kitten for a viewing more than 24/48 hours.

•  After your viewing a cat or kitten, we can only hold for 48 hours without a deposit.


•  Without a deposit we cannot hold onto a cat or kitten for you.

•  Deposits can be paid by CASH, PAYPAL or BANK TRANSFER


•  We will only re-home our kittens in pairs unless there is a suitable feline companion in the home.


•  We will only re-home suitable cats and kittens to families with young children.


•  We will always carry out our own home visits.  No exceptions.  These will now be done using google earth, facetime, vets references, any or all of the above.


•  Home visits can take a few days to a few weeks to arrange due to availability of our volunteers.


•  If you are in a rented property, we will need permission from your landlord in writing before we can commence.


•  We do not have an upper or lower age limit for adopters, but we are mindful that the cat you are looking to adopt is of a suitable age for you and your home.


•  If you have a holiday arranged please come back to us once you have had your holiday.  We will not be able to hold a cat or kitten for you while your away.  

•   If you are carrying out home improvements or in the process of moving house please come back to us once you have moved, settled or building work is finished.  Re-homing a cat or kitten is stressful enough.


•  No cat will be homed if the house is on a busy road or other dangers, eg. Railway lines. The home check will fail if HCR feel the area is unsafe for the cat.

•  A cat which is not used to dogs will not be homed to a home with a dog, unless the dog is used to cats so likely to leave it alone plus we feel the cat could adapt to this situation.


•  If the house has access to a garden area this should be a safe and secure space.  Access to outside should ideally be located at the back of the house so the cat does not come out directly onto the roadside of the house. The home checker may offer advice while on a visit.

•  No cat will be housed as an indoor cat unless that is the lifestyle it is used to.

•  The adopter must be prepared to get their kitten neutered at 5 months old for males and 6 months for females, no exceptions.

•  If your kitten is not neutered at the time of adoption, you will sign a neutering contract to agree to this and the dates above given.  Your Kittens MUST be kept inside until neutered at ALL TIMES.  No exceptions.

•  If the potential adopter already has resident cats or dogs these will be assessed to check they are fit and healthy and a suitable match to your potential new cat.

•  If you pass your home check you will be expected to collect your reserved cat/kitten within 3 days.

•  Social distancing will be observed at all times.  Forms will be completed online where possible, so when you collect you cat, all we will need are signatures.

•  When collecting your cat you must ensure you are fit and well, and that you or no one in your household has been in contact with anyone who has been exposed to Covid-19.


Please note : If at any stage of the adoption process, we, one of our volunteers, fosterers, home checkers etc, feel that the situation is not right for our cat or kitten, you may be turned down.  If this decision is made at any point of the process the charities decision is final.  No discussions regarding this decision will be entered into.  All decisions are made in the best interests of the animals in our care, and no malice to any individual is intended.  Any deposits made will of course be refunded if this decision is made.

HappyCats Rescue


HappyCats Rescue Terms & Conditions

All our terms and conditions can be found in the document attached.

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