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Why adopt not shop?

Why come to HappyCats Rescue?


Our main priority is the health and wellbeing of the animal. The vast majority of rescue centres are very careful about placing each animal in the right home, and will offer advice and support where necessary even after adoption.  If for whatever reason things don't work out (such as not getting on with another pet), HappyCats Rescue will take the cat back into their care.  All cats and kittens from HappyCats Rescue will have been vet-checked prior to adoption, including being de-flead and de-wormed where necessary. And, by rescuing you free up that place for the next unwanted cat.


  • Rescue centres put the animal's health and welfare first - not money

  • Kittens & Cats will already have been vet-checked, vaccinated, microchipped, de-wormed and de-flead

  • Rescue centres take a lot of care to match the right animal to the right home

  • A rescue centre will offer you cat-care advice and support even after adoption

  • If the homing doesn't work out, a rescue centre will take the cat back for re-homing

  • Many rescue centres offer help with neutering costs if you are on a low income

  • Kittens will only be homed when they are old enough, and fully weaned

  • Rescuing helps ease, and not add to the cat over-population crisis

  • You are helping TWO cats - by freeing up that rescue place for another cat in need

  • By rescuing, you are giving a home to an animal who really needs it!


How much will your free kitten cost you?

Getting a free kitten from a friend or online, does not always mean your getting a good deal.  Chances are your new baby will never have seen a vet.  They won't have been flea or wormed regularly since birth.  Unlikely they will have been vaccinated or microchipped.  Neutering will not have been done or recommended.  All of these costs will fall on you.  What if an exisiting pet does not get along with your new precious bundle?  Will the breeder take them back?  From our experience the answer is likely no.  What will your vet charge you for all their basic treatment?

  • Vaccinations                                £100.40

  • Microchipping                              £25.00 - £32.00

  • Spaying                                       £108.00

  • Castration                                   £72.00

  • Flea & Worm treatment              £25.00

  • Vets Consultation fee                  £65.00

  • Total Cost                                    £323.40 (Female Cat)

                                                          £287.40 (Male Cat)

(Costs are from Small World Vets,  effective Jan 2024.  All costs are an approximate guide as treatments may vary due to age, size and weights of cats presented to them.  These costs are meant to be a guide only.)

Adopting from HappyCats Rescue

Adopting from HappyCats Rescue will cost you £150.00 for a kitten or £175.00 for a neutered kitten or cat.  

This donation includes :-


  • 1st Vaccination (Nobivac Tricat Trio)

  • Microchipping 

  • Neutering (if old enough, (5 Mths above).  If not we can try and assist with low cost neutering at our vet)

  • Flea treatment

  • Worm treatment

  • Numerous vets visits and health checks

All cats and kittens leave with 4 weeks free insurance from Petplan

All cats and kittens leave with a lifetime of back up and support from HCR.

You will get an adoption pack full of useful information and toys for your new baby.

Kitty Love
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