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HappyCats Rescue


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About Us


We are a small non profit rescue set up and run  to help cats and kittens in the local area of Hampshire and Surrey.


Established in August 2012 we are a small but dedicated rescue aiming to help local people.  

Our aims are to help families to adopt an animal and be there for help, advice and support if needed.

We rescue and care for badly treated, unwanted, abandoned and stray domestic cats and kittens.

Whether the cat / kitten is a pedigree or a moggie, we will help them to find their forever home. 

We ensure all cats leaving our care are vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, flea and wormed and in good health unless otherwise stated.

Unlike some rescues we will NEVER put a healthy animal to sleep unless it is advised by our vet for medical reasons.  All attempts will be made to find the right home for any cat or kitten.

All those working with HappyCats Rescue do so on a voluntary basis, and all our money comes from donations, adoptions and fundraising. 

We will always try to be available to the public either face to face, email or phone, to help on a wide range of health and behavioural issues with cats.  But please remember we are volunteers.

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