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My Pet is Sick and I Cannot Afford a Vet.

What Should I Do?


The thought of not being able to help your pet if they are unwell is many owners’ worst nightmare. Sadly, some of us will face this situation.  Whilst all would love to ensure their pets are given the best treatment possible when they are suffering, there are, however, circumstances where the owner may not be able to afford veterinary care.

You never know what’s around the corner; your pet may suffer an unexpected physical injury or develop a medical condition. When you factor in that veterinary care can be expensive, it is understandable that some will find themselves in a difficult situation.

If you find yourself in a position where you need to seek expert advice for your animal, but you are unable to afford the potential costs that would ensue, you are not helpless. We understand that leaving your animal to suffer is not an option. Thankfully, there are organisations who can help should you find yourself in this position including us.



Animal Charities

PDSA Vet Care

The PDSA have a vet care service that you may be eligible for if you cannot afford a vet.  PDSA Vet Care services are available to pet owners who receive means tested help with their rent or Council Tax (Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support/Reduction).


To find out whether you are eligible, visit:


RSPCA Vet Care

The RSPCA also has a veterinary care service dedicated to helping animals in need. They have hospitals and clinics located around the United Kingdom and aim to support pet owners who are most in need.

Even if there aren’t RSPCA services in your local area, they may be able to offer financial support or at the very least advise on what you should do. For more information, visit:


Blue Cross Veterinary Services

Another option may be the Blue Cross, an animal charity dedicated to helping sick and injured pets. They also have veterinary services available for owners who are in receipt of certain means-tested benefits or who have low incomes.

For more information on their hospitals and catchment areas, visit:


HappyCats Rescue

HappyCats Rescue may be able to assist with costs that if you cannot afford a vet.  HappyCats Rescue services are available to pet owners who receive benefits and that are within our local catchment area.  Details of what benefits you are in receipt of will need to be shown to HCR to confirm eligibility.


To find out whether you are eligible see our criteria by clicking here or, email us:


Being Prepared

It is the unexpected nature of veterinary costs that make them so difficult to prepare for financially.  If you are worried about the prospect of your pet being ill and being unable to afford veterinary costs then it is worth considering pet insurance. It can generally help to cover costs in worst-case scenarios. Pet Insurance will also give you peace of mind that you’ll always be able to give the pet you love the medical attention they deserve.


By paying for pet insurance you are investing in your pet’s future; you are ensuring the ability to provide for the necessary pet health care.  In addition, you are protecting your own finances in the event of an accident or serious illness. 

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