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HappyCats Rescue


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Welcome to HCR

HappyCats Rescue was founded in 2012 to Rescue and Rehome Cats and kittens.


In just over 10 years we have helped to rescue and rehome over 1200 cats and kittens.

We were all re-homed by HCR 

HappyCats Rescue was founded in August 2012 to help the increasing number of cats and kittens that find themselves looking for a new home.  Based in Bordon, Hampshire, we are a small friendly rescue helping to rescue and re-home unwanted cats and kittens.

We are here to help cats and kittens of all ages to find their forever homes.  All of our cats / kittens come into welfare needing a new home for many reasons, but most importantly it's not their fault.  They come from different backgrounds but all will be assessed and vet checked before they are offered to a new family.

No cat or kitten chooses to end up in rescue, but for those that do, we are their lifeline to finding their forever homes.  

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